Maple Syrup Season in Ohio



Growing up my father collected Maple Sap and boiled it down into Maple Syrup, so when my husband showed interest in making his own maple syrup I told him “Let’s do this!”

Making or growing our own food in an important part of life for us, not because we are hippies or anything that may come to mind. It is because we want to know exactly what we are eating and where it comes from. Teaching our children how to grow plants from the seed up is something that not many children these days know how to do unfortunately.

So how does one go about making maple syrup? Well the process isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. First you you will need to make sure you have Sugar Maple trees. This handy little chart from the River Bend Nature Center Website is simple and easy to use.


Once you have found several sugar maple trees (you will need several because it can take 40-60 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup), you will need to drill a hole the size of your tap. The tap is what funnels the sap in to your bucket

images                     10001578_10153994620950503_619218878_n

Along with your bucket and lid, you are ready to start collecting sap.

Now Sap looks like water, but is slightly sweet, so it must be boiled down to be concentrated into syrup.

1901900_839669829393127_1576875993_n                               1978621_839669882726455_1225751529_n

Our Little helpers, my nephews along with my daughter and son who is a toddler.

10153640_10153994618995503_1844569238_n                                    1902722_10153994619245503_1258071845_n



We collect sap and use a water pump to pump into the tank, which makes collection faster since we do not have to climb on and off the back of the RTV.

1922319_10153994619740503_411654569_n                               1468621_10153994620725503_1121945718_n

10154282_10153994619550503_811431027_n                                      10168016_10153994620525503_1056836538_n

Once it has been collected, we start the boiling process. We use a boiling tank borrowed from my Dad, so I have no idea where it came from originally. We use a contraption my husband built to boil it down, this process takes a while.


Once it is boiled down and concentrated you have Maple Syrup, we put ours into canning jars and it is ready to eat.

1969269_10153994620085503_1630851963_n                 1653776_10153994621595503_1841818347_n                              10014600_10153994621425503_1429650907_n


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