All you need is the right pair….





Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world -Marilyn Monroe

DSC_0381 il_570xN.469592858_61zw il_570xN.503566480_7r6g il_570xN.512742645_ebx3 il_570xN.512886142_8zwu il_570xN.531725425_rmrd il_570xN.542270555_7ga2 il_570xN.542519857_roeu il_570xN.543436294_kjxz il_570xN.543449314_pvky il_570xN.543486539_s0vi il_570xN.543490193_hwnx il_570xN.543567579_d8zm il_570xN.543578247_3wi9 il_570xN.544832282_6ofm il_570xN.544907091_hip2 il_570xN.545103651_hvqf



A woman with good shoes is never ugly. Coco Chanel


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