Creative Challenge: Week 2 Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? With sand between your toes, the wind in your hair and perhaps a drink in your hand if you are lucky enough.


I have found there are times when the beach is not fun.

Last year my family attended a wedding on a beach, we of course had the only kids with us due to using it as a vacation as well. Why? Well we live in Ohio and the wedding was in Florida in April of last year and I for one was in need of the sun and family time as were our children.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom were darling in their wedding attire. The backdrop of the Golf side of Florida was spectacular. The down side to a beach wedding is the frickin sand, it was everywhere. I am still trying to get the sand out of my stroller and it was over year ago. I believe that beach weddings while good in theory are not good in practice, because of all the sand. Honestly I wouldn’t want to go to my marriage bed covered in sand, I’m just saying it isn’t my cup of tea.


Even I didn’t like the sand my children had a blast playing in the sand during all of that other boring stuff like the toasts and speeches.



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