Week 3 Creative Challenge: Word Art

Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words!  I get words all day through” (Show Me from My Fair Lady)

This week my creative challenge is work art. What does that mean? Is the most often asked question, I believe word are is using phrases/sayings, random words on a wall hanging, using things found in the world around you to photograph things that look like letters to spell out a word, Collages are another variation and of course there is the actual written word.


Courtesy of Google 



Courtesy of Etsy 



Courtesy of Google 



Courtesy of Google 



Courtesy of Etsy  


Growing up I was terrible about writing anything other than a letter to one of my many pen-pals. Ask me to write a report or essay and you would only get facts. It wasn’t until I attended college and was required to take English 101 did writing start to come easily to me. There are days I still struggle with writing something new and inventive while other days everything I write is beautiful and wonderful.

Inspiration can hit at any time or place and I carry a notebook for that reason, I have written other children’s books while in a waiting room of the doctor’s office, the library, at my parents’ house if inspiration hits I must write. I have been known to tell family and friends that a muse has graced me with her presence and I am able to write. Let me say it doesn’t happen very often as I wish it would. 

Courtesy of Google Images – The 9 Muses


What will you write today?

Leave a comment and tell me what your idea of word art is.


Disclaimer: None of these photographs are my own, I have added the url for each piece of art.




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