A day of shopping

Every couple of weeks I have to go grocery shopping and per my usual I take all 3 of my children who are 8 years old, 2 1/2 years old and 18 months old. It can be a struggle some days if they are all having a bad day which has happened in the past, however during this trip they were awesome.

Even when just running errand in my small town I come across that one person that always says “You really have your hands full!” What compels these strangers to say things like that? They do not know me nor my children or how I run a tight ship. Both toddlers must ride in the cart while the 8 year old gets to walk and be my helper, they don’t know if my children have had their naps yet or not, they do not know how long we have been out shopping or if this was our first stop of the day.

I have finally come up with a solution to such questions, depending on who is saying it. To the older woman who said she had 7 children, you know I’m right that having 3 children does keep me busy but it doesn’t mean my hands are full.

To the cashier on who said I had my hands full “Grocery shopping is an necessity that I must do regardless of how many children I have because we have to eat.”

Going out on grocery shopping is part of parenting, my children are learning how to act in public, how to shop within a budget, how to find good deals, simple math skills. These kind of things are what being a homeschool family is about. A shopping trip isn’t just about filling our cupboards yet more of a field trip in our house.



2 thoughts on “A day of shopping

  1. I’ve been guilty of saying that in the past – I’ll try to restrain myself as I never realized it could be annoying. Lots of good sense here

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