Flea Market and Antique Show

Friday my husband and I woke up at 3 am to travel across the state of Ohio to Springfield Ohio to attend the Springfield Flea Market and Antique Show Extravaganza and Vintage Marketplace. The extravaganza is every May and September and worth the trip every time.
Be prepared to pay an entry fee, wear your walking shoes and bring something to carry all of your purchases treasures. In they past we always brought one of our children with us so we had a stroller, this time I borrowed my mother in laws little wire cart since we didn’t bring any children with us.


When we arrived the sun was shining and there were very few clouds in the sky yet it was very chilly. Around 12:30 pm it started raining so we were a little damp and freezing cold. After a small break to sit in the car to warm up and take a power nap. Refreshed and warmed up we finished our browsing throughout the market.
I came home with stacks of vintage clothing and hats that will be arriving in my shop soon.


This was honestly the oddest and craziest thing we saw all day.

Crushed velvet lamp shades

Entrance to the Vintage Marketplace

Are you a Pyrex fan? This vendor had tons of it.

 IMAG2052_1 IMAG2051_1 IMAG2050_1 IMAG2048_1 IMAG2035 IMAG2038 IMAG2040 IMAG2034 IMAG2033 IMAG2031 IMAG2029 IMAG2028 IMAG2027 IMAG2026 IMAG2024

Regardless what your are looking for, the Springfield Flea market and Antique Show is sure to have it.
Check out their website Here


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