Homemade Applesauce

Saturday I realized I had a large fruit basket full of apples that were on their way to being bad, soft and bit wrinkly these apples were not going to be eaten by anyone in my house, instead of throwing them out I decided to turn them into a large batch of applesauce for my family instead. I didn’t think to take a photograph of the apples before hand not that they were very pretty anyways.

I first cut each apple into 4ths, peeled and cored. I then decided instead of chopping all of these quarter pieces into chunks I would just use my food processor to do that for me, it made lovely sliced pieces of apples and it took a fraction of the time. As a mother of 3 I can use all the time saving tricks I possibly can.


After adding all of my apple slices to my large pot, I then added 2 cups of water, I didn’t add any sugar or spices to my sauce. Basically I loosely followed this recipe from “Dining on a Dime” Cookbook,  you can find it on Amazon here. It has recently become one of my favorite cookbooks to use for my family.


It took almost an hour for this huge mass of apples to turn into chunky applesauce, my children are not a fan of chunky anything. So I again used my food processor and smoothed it out.


This is 2 quarts of applesauce ready to be eaten by the masses once it cooled down a bit.


Add a little bit of cinnamon and you are ready to go.








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