Scalloped Potatoes


In an effort to eat healthier and make more of our food from scratch rather than a box, I tried my hand at scalloped potatoes. Which was much easier than I thought it would be. I again used the Dining on a Dime Cookbook, you can find it on Amazon here.

IMAG2110 IMAG2112


Of course I had to use my food processor again to slice these potatoes.

IMAG2113 IMAG2115


This may not seem like a lot of potatoes but for my family of 5 it was more than enough with leftovers.

IMAG2116 IMAG2117

I let it cook in my crockpot for 4 hours or so, I did stir them a few times throughout the day. I started them at 1:30 pm and I served them at 6 pm. I cooked on high for the first couple of hours then turned down to low.


Scalloped Potatoes are a great potluck food or addition to any dinner.



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