Cool Summer Treat – Strawberry Smoothies

I adore smoothies and finding a good one is so hard these days because many people confuse smoothie with a slushy, which is good in its’ own way but not the same.

My kids love strawberries and my Mother in law will bring us several pints of them at a time when she comes back from trips to Florida, so I will freeze a majority of them before they go bad and use them for our smoothies.

I love a good smoothie after eating tex-mex or really any day of the week.

To make a yummy treat you must have these items (you can use any type of fruit you prefer just as long as it is frozen)


4 oz Yogurt – fruit of your choice. I used strawberry and vanilla in mine
1 tsp vanilla – I didn’t use this when I put the vanilla yogurt in
2 cup milk
2 cups of frozen fruit – your choice
Sugar to taste – this must be added it at the beginning, if you add more after you blended it all together it will be weird.

Now this recipe will make 4 decent size servings.

Ad you can see there are no ice cubes used in this recipe because the frozen fruit is there instead.


My blender isn’t very strong so I will have to stop it and move the strawberries around until they are completely blended.


And enjoy!



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