Creative Challenge Part Two Week Two: Patterns

Patterns are all around us, not just in physical form either. For instance I see patterns in life a lot, let me give you an example; I am the middle of 5 children who collectively have 12 grandchildren for my parents. Now with the exception of the oldest and youngest grandchildren there are what I like to call cousin twins, 2 cousins that were born in the same year.

Another example of patterns or as my one sister calls it serendipity, my oldest is taking swimming lessons with a boy who is a family friend. This boy is exactly a year younger than my daughter to the day, now her swimming teacher has them both on the color orange to swim at the same time.

Those are the kind of patterns I see around me all the time, many others may not notice them however I get a kick out it.

Now there are patterns that we live with that are hideous such as this one

DSC_0009 This pattern is the fake rock wall paneling in my kitchen, I hate it because I feel like I am in a cave rather than my kitchen. Plus it is a pain in the neck to clean.

Then there are patterns that only the sun or a bright light can make like this one.

DSC_0001 The sun is shining through the window in my living room and leaves this shadow pattern.

So you see patterns are all around us, we just have to keep looking for them in all forms and fashions.



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