Creative Challenge Part 2 Week 5: Naive Art

When Naive art was first brought up as a possible kind of art, I was slightly panicked about it because it would involve painting which I can not do at all. So instead I am going to give you a small history lesson on Naive Art.

What is Naive Art:

Per Wikipedia “Naïve art is a classification of art that is often characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique. While many naïve artists appear, from their works, to have little or no formal art training, this is often not true. The words “naïve” and “primitive” are regarded as pejoratives and are, therefore, avoided by many.”

When did Naive Art become an accepted genera of art?

In the 20th century, although artists were creating Naive Art since the dawn of time. If you go back to the time of the Caveman, his artwork can certainly be deemed as Naive art.

Who was the first Naive Artist?

No one knows for sure.

What exactly is Naive Art?

Here are a few examples of Naive Art.

All Images are courtesy of A World History Of Art


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