Vintage Luggage

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I love luggage so much that it is taking over my laundry room, seriously just ask my husband. I don’t know what it is about luggage that draws me to it, maybe it is the shapes, colors, the fact they hold so much stuff. Right now some of my larger pieces of luggage that haven’t been photographed is holding vintage shoes in their boxes to protect them. It is a win win situation, they are put away so there isn’t clutter and they are in a safe sturdy place where the boxes will not get crushed thus ruining the shoes.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Luggage

  1. these are absolutely gorgeous… 🙂 i want all of them, no joke ❤

  2. Adore vintage luggage! Maybe it’s the thought of all those long-ago trips and stories… And hey, there are much worse things that can take over a laundry room, right?

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