Work in Progress

As I have mentioned in several other post I am working on a studio for all of my inventory. My plans are to use that studio as a small shop, where I can buy and sell pieces to the public. I will be able to photograph and ship pieces from that location. If I was just restoring the room I plan on using I would be done already, however it is located in apartment above a business in town. Now my husband and I own the building so rent is very affordable for this small business owner aka FREE (which is my favorite word but I digress). 

We had originally planned on remodeling the whole apartment to rent, it has 3 bedrooms, a decent sized living room, kitchen, dining room and laundry room. To be honest it is probably larger than my house is in square footage. I am going to take the largest bedroom as my studio, use the living room as my photography studio and the laundry room as my packing room. We are going to convert another one of the bedrooms into a office not just for me but for my husband to use as well, when he needs to complete his CAD drafting (he is a surveyor for 3 underground coal mines). I believe this will be a win-win for the both of us once it is completely finished.

So why is it taking me so long to finish my studio. When I first started this project I was planning on only remodeling the room I was going to use, it just needs some plaster work and painted. Once I started working I realized the whole apartment really needs an overhaul, I have peeled layers and layers of wallpaper off of old plaster walls, pulled carpets up, scrapped old carpet padding up. My biggest hold up right now is the floors, the previous owners glued all of the carpet padding down to beautiful hardwood floors. In the hallway and two of the bedrooms, thankfully my studio room was spared and we haven’t removed the carpet in the living room or dining room yet.

Today was the first day I actually tried my hand at removing the carpet glue. I worked for about an hour scraping the floors after putting an adhesive solvent on a 3 by 3 section. 


As you can see on the bottom half of the photo are beautiful hardwood floors and above it is the glue. The glue is almost wax like when I remove it. On Thursday when I go up, I’m going to work on the floor some more and paint the laundry room a lovely shade of yellow. 

To be Continued……….


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