Semi Productive Day

Some days I feel like I accomplish a lot of work in my studio, other days it feels like I barely made a dent in all of the work there needs to be done.

Thursday was one of those super productive days, I painted the laundry room that I will be converting into my shipping depot. It was already painted yellow so I dug out an unused gallon of the paint I originally purchased to use in my living room several years ago which is a pale yellow, thankfully it was still good and only needed shaken and stirred. I finished removing the carpet glue from along the hallway into the living room and washed one wall, this may not sound like much but I only have 4 hours to work in my studio twice a week.

It took me a bit but I figured out that I had to let the adhesive solvent sit for 35 minutes not the 15-20 minutes it says on the can, so I can get other small projects done between sections. However I now have run out of the solvent and when I went back to Lowe’s to get 2 or 3 more gallons (I only bought one originally to see if it actually worked or not) and Lowe’s was out of it much to my dismay. Must call daily for them to order more, hopefully the employee I talked to today will make sure more is ordered soon, I rather not use another brand when I know that one works. 

Today felt only like a half productive day, I painted the baseboard in the laundry room washed 3 1/2 walls half of which I was standing on a 6 foot step ladder that isn’t in the best shape (Note to self must get a better step ladder from the Husbands shop). I also finished out the can of solvent, which only allowed me to clean up about 6′ by 4′ section, definitely not as much as I wanted to do. 

Thursday is another day and I plan to finish washing that last wall and start painting the second half of the hallway before I remove the glue so I only have one mess to clean up not 2.

Have a good one!



One thought on “Semi Productive Day

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Even though I have more time than you do I often feel as if I haven’t accomplished anything worth noting. Hope you get what you need soon

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