My Nana

I am going to get very real and very honest in this post.

Today my parents had to moved my Nana Janet into an assisted living facility with a special unit for Alzheimer’s/dementia patients. You see my Nana Janet is only 82 years old and has dementia that is very progressive, she can barely remember what day it is or even if she asked you how old your children are or what their names are. She will call you sweetie or kiddo because she doesn’t remember what your name is anymore. She will tell you that Jim (my grandfather) who passed away 19 years ago ran to the store to go pick up groceries or to drop the kids (my Mom and her siblings) off to band practice even though they are all adults with adult children. She wonders why her mom and dad do not answer the phone when she calls them to say hello or why my grandfather isn’t home from work yet. 

I hate this disease and what it has done with my Nana Janet, I absolutely hate it. I’ve pray for healing for her but it isn’t my will be done but Gods be done in this situation so now I pray for peace and understanding for her, my parents, my aunts and uncles and the rest of the family. 

She has always be loving, warm and kind to all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and that is something I know I will always cherish along with her stories and how she used to try to feed us every time we would stop by for a visit.

nana janet

This photograph was taken at her 80th birthday party, oh we had so much fun and she told the best stories. 


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