Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market Vintage Marketplace Extravaganza

This past Friday my husband and I made the trip across the state of Ohio to attend the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market and Vintage Marketplace Extravaganza over in Springfield, Ohio located at the Clark County Fairgrounds right off  US70.

We left our house at 5 am, I drove on the way there while my husband napped in the car.  We had a quick stop at Ihop for some crepes which were sooo tasty I could go for some more right now actually. The traffic wasn’t to bad going through Columbus even during rush hour and a bit of road construction along the way. It was pretty pleasant drive there, while the husband napped I listened to an audio book by Debbie Macomber.

With this trip I was hoping to hit up one vendor that had been at the May show where I found a bounty of vintage items for fab prices, but alas the vendor didn’t make it to this show which was slightly disappointing. However many of the other vendors more than made up for it.

We saw many things and I know we missed a few places since it is a huge show to attend. It is well worth the drive and entrance fee to get in to the show. Per the Springfield antique show and flea market website “the show has become a resource for decorating/design professionals. We can say with confidence that our design customers are constantly amazed by the quantity, quality, variety and PRICING of what our vendors turn up with.” And it is all that and more.

Here are few photographs I managed to snap throughout the day.

IMAG3341  Dress made using a dress form, newspaper and twinkle lights.

IMAG3343 Isn’t that the truth.

IMAG3344 Cutest desk! I tried to convince my husband our 3 year old needs this desk, it was a no go though.

IMAG3345 Glassware Galore, if you are a collector of any type of glassware this show has it in spades.

IMAG3347 So my skillets, my husband has started collecting skillets for us to use and I love to cook with them.

IMAG3348 Do you remember Sleeping Beauty? Aurora (Brier Rose) pricked her finger on a spinning wheel such as this one that put her into a deep sleep.

IMAG3349  One of the clothing vendors at the show.

IMAG3350  1940’s Hedgehog family made in Germany.

IMAG3351    IMAG3352 Vintage Home Operators System, so cool.

IMAG3353 This was my find of the day Christian Dior Fur Collar which is already SOLD.

IMAG3355 I am not sure what the heck this is supposed to be but it was just odd enough that a photograph was needed.

We had so much fun together even though my husband kept wandering off and we met up with some friends for dinner on the way home. Over all it was pleasant day.

Have a good one,



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