Computer Woes

Raise your hand if your computer likes to give you fits? Just me then? I see how you all are lying to yourself that your computer loves you and will do everything in it’s power to make you work efficiently.

Last week my computer shut down without any warning not even the blue screen of death which no one likes to see. I quickly called my computer guru Larry from to check it out, he suggested that my tower probably had dust all through it which happens to computers everywhere regardless of how clean your house is….I think he was mocking me but he gets a pass since my computer is now fixed a week after I dropped it off. It wasn’t Larry’s fault for keeping it that long but FedEx who apparently didn’t get the memo of what 2 day shipping is and it arrived on Wednesday after the parts were ordered on Friday. Yeah it was one of those kinds of week.

Alas my computer is back up and running and if she looks dirty again I’m to get my husband to use the air compressor to clean her out before she gets that dirty again.


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