Christmas Guest Post by Ivy of Angsana Seeds Photography

Over the month of December I have asked several of my blogging friends to contribute a post about Christmas. Today I have the honor of introducing Ivy of Angsana Seeds Photography. ~Kristen


As I am writing this, it is less than a month to Christmas. I’ve yet to pick up the gifts, decorate the tree (ok… we don’t do tree, but I do have a mini table-top predecorated tree), baked the cookies etc…. As far as I can remember, the only time we have a big Christmas tree was probably more than ten years ago.  One year, my best friend and I decided to do something special for Christmas, so we got some colored straws and proceeded to string them up to look like a tree.  She did most of the work, while I was the one messing it up for her. And I remembered my mum baked Christmas cookies and Brandy cake.  This year, I decide to bake a Christmas cake using my mum’s recipe.  Well, the cake is done, I’m feeding it weekly with Brandy, hopefully it will taste as good as mum’s. Speaking of Christmas, here are some gift ideas to help you pick out your gifts:

Personal Aromatherapy consultation from Kindred Earth Botanicals


Hand-drawn equestrian art and Christmas cards from North Highlands Art



Fine art photography prints from my store AngsanaSeeds Photography


Shoulder bag from My Little French Shop


Gorgeous handmade jewelry from Naked Planet Jewelry


Embroidered handmade whale from Anthem & Object


And to finish up your gift wrapping with wide collection of ribbons from Cottage Crafts Online.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

XX Ivy


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