Christmas Guest Post by Mama C: Christmas Memories Are Made Of This

The pine trees, the Christmas carols, the snow and cold. Yep, it’s that time of the year. Christmas! Or the holiday
season if you started on November 1st (or October in some cases…). I am a holiday person. I love preparing
food and candies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Since getting married, it’s been a joyous ride for
Big C and I to create our own traditions, and now incorporating Little C into them.
Some of my favorite memories are those of spending time with family and friends. Hosting or participating in
candy making parties. Ugly Sweater Contests, Stingy Santa, Office parites, wrapping gifts, baking cookies, and
decorating the tree. I love all of it, and love creating those memories with the family I have made.

Starting on Black Friday Big C and I break out the Christmas tree to put up and decorate. Then comes my favorite part….
Over the next six weeks, I will make enough candy to build a bridge to the Mississippi River. But, I love it! I
love coming up with new recipes, putting my own twists on old favorites, and honoring the legacy that my great-grandmother passed onto us.
My list this year includes:
Hard Candy/Tack
Potato Candy
After all the baking and cooking, I still want to incorporate Little C. This is where crafts come in. As much as
we are able to do with a semi-cooperating 13 month old. I am a crafty type person, and enjoy giving, and
receiving handmade gifts. I feel that it shows you care about the reciever. Our goal is year involves paint, and A
LOT of it. Little C still doesn’t like to cooperate, so we do the best that can in that situation. I want my son to
look back as he’s growing up and see that the ornaments on the Christmas tree are the ones that him and his
siblings made.
As Christmas gets closer, so do other activities.My favorite is the reading of The Birth of Christ. It reaffirms
that Christmas isn’t about who got the biggest gift, or had the prettiest paper, or best decorations. It’s about
loving and caring so much that you can give anything, and Christmas represents the best gift anyone can ever
How do you and yours celebrate the holidays?
–Mama C
*thank you to Kristen at Kris’s Vintage Clothing for allowing me to guest blog!


One thought on “Christmas Guest Post by Mama C: Christmas Memories Are Made Of This

  1. My mom and I used to make candy for Christmas every year – chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered caramels, divinity, several flavors of fudge, etc. We got burned out after 5 or 6 years, but I miss the fun we had. 🙂

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