Christmas Guest Post: Eve of European Vintage Emporium

Today I am introducing Eve of European Vintage Emporium, her shops and blog are beautiful so enjoy. ~Kristen

Yesterday in my small village in France they turned the Christmas lights on.
The small rural streets are adorned with large stars that twinkle and in the market square stands the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen with exception of the one at the Rockerfeller Center in New York of course.
The time before Christmas is the best I believe, the advent, the counting, wishing, hoping and giving.
Our family holidays growing up in northern Germany>
Were a simple matter we made a advent wreath together stuck clovers into oranges and backed simple sugar cookies, ate spekulatius and Lebkuchen together.
On Sundays we would light a red candle and sing songs.The day of Christmas we would have candles everywhere in beautiful candle sticks.
The morning of the 24th we opened our presents, each child got one new toy and a large assortment of books. I still have every present that I got, it was always a collectors toy something rare and special.

40 years later I continue to celebrate the holidays as they have been celebrated for generations by my family. My daughter gets 2 special gifts now that is the only difference.
Give books, lots of books, buy special gifts that will be cherished a lifetime, bake and be merry!
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