Outfit Of The Day: Winter Outerwear, Holiday Party and Christmas Party

Many times I hear “I don’t have anywhere vintage clothing or how to wear it.” Guess what they are just clothes exactly like the ones sitting in your dresser and closet at home.

Winter Outerwear consists of a beautiful gray coat with real fur collar and cuffs, I added a hat and a red flower brooch for a pop of color.

ootd outerwear

Coat Link Here

Hat Link Here

Brooch Link Here

Holiday party outfit is elegant yet simple, a lovely brown dress paired with red shoes and a poinsettia apron. The perfect hostess ensemble 

 OOTD Holiday Party 

Dress Link Here

Apron Link Here

Shoes haven’t been added to my shop yet, but check the many other pairs of shoes I do have listed.

Christmas party, I know you ladies love to be the Belle of the Ball at parties and this outfit has all the right pieces to do so. To be honest if my shoulders weren’t as wide as they are I would have kept this dress, it is probably my favorite dress in my shop.

OOTD Winter Party

Coat Link Here

Dress Link Here

Headband Link Here


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