The Never Ending Battle of Germs

Every year we are told how it is the worse year for some kind of ailment.

While I agree some years are worse than others, this year so far takes the cake. Several nasty flu strains and colds are floating around. Yet I see and hear people hacking and coughing in to their hands while we are out and about with obvious symptoms of cold and touching everything. WHY? Why must you do this? Cough into your arm or elbow people, that way you aren’t spreading your germs all over the place by touching things. Yuck!

So how does one battle such nasty germs? Well we start by washing our hands a lot as in all the time, I even use the Wet Ones antibacterial wipes when water and soap isn’t available. I have also been putting On Guard essential oils on us when we go out and defuse in the house. I make a spray of Tea Tree Oil and Lemon essential oil to spray around the house to, both of those are natural anti bacteria oils and are great for many things. But even those sometimes don’t kill everything like conjunctivitis aka pink eye, some how my youngest son and I have it and let me tell you it isn’t very fun. Even as I write my eyes itch like crazy and I look like I’ve been on a 3 day bender because they are so red and bloodshot.

On the upside I have put myself on a quarantine for the next few days and refuse to go anywhere including church, I refuse to spread this to anyone else and want it to end here it isn’t fair to other parents for my kid to spread this nastiness when I can just as easily stay home and get over it with the help of some medicine.

sick day


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