Fun in the Snow

Yesterday it started snowing and it has continued to snow throughout today. Is there an end in sight? I don’t know nor do I care. I am of the persuasion that if it is going to be cold out I want snow on the ground to make everything pretty.

Today the kids and I ventured out in the snow to take a walk, not the easiest of tasks with a 3 and 2 year old and almost 20 weeks pregnant. We had planned on walking on the path through the woods but the boys decided just a trip around the yard and play for a little bit was good enough for them before we came back in the house for hot chocolate.


DSC_0114  My 3 year old insisted that he needed to wear his sisters scarf to keep his neck warm.







IMAG4021 I’ll even throw in a snowy selfie.

Until next time,



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