Planning a children’s party on a budget.

Hosting a party is expensive right? Wrong! At least it shouldn’t be unless you are planning on going all out for it and for what reason so you can say “Hey look at my Pinterest worthy party?”

Last year we had a Valentines Tea Party for my daughter and a bunch of her little friends and cousins. It was so much fun and simple.  I made each invitation on PicMonkey as well as made Facebook Event, I used card stock for the invitations and passed most of them out and only mailed a small handful of them.

Vday invite

We did a few crafts, ate a light lunch and the children played, I had my backdrop out with a cute bunting hanging over it and I took pictures of the girls and their Moms.


The most expensive thing we had were these gold lace crowns, made of cotton lace and spray painted Gold. You can find how to make your own crowns at this link 


Our lunch was simple faire of chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad and pretzels along with some pink punch.

Our crafts were simple, I had everything already on hand. All I had to do was the prep work. I found our craft ideas on Pinterest as well as the crown idea.

The Folded Heat Mouse was a big hit with the kids, the moms well they thought it looked more like a rat. To make your own Folded Heat Mouse follow this link.


Heart Wreath was also fun, I had the wreath and the hearts all cut out. The kids only had to glue them in place. To make your own heart wreath follow this link.


Even the valentines we gave each girl was made by my daughter, we choose to do the Lovely Lady-bugs. These are easy and simple craft that even I the most un-crafty person in the world could do. To make your own Lovely Lady-Bugs check out this link


This year we are doing several different kinds of craft, like necklace making and decorating salt dough magnets as dealing with amount of glue from last year wasn’t fun and a little messy.

I let you know how to goes in a few weeks.

Until next time,



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