Children’s Book Review: Prancing Dancing Lily

I recently came across a book at my local library in the children’s section of course as I don’t get to wander to other parts of the library very much anymore.

It was your usual Wednesday afternoon right after story. As I browse the hundreds of books to find several to take home and read to my children I see it, nestled among the A section there it was “Prancing Dancing Lily” by Marsha Diane Arnold

PRancing Dancing LIly

Prancing Dancing Lily is about a milk cow named Lily who loved to prance and dance, which is something she did all the time.

She decided being a milk cow isn’t the life for her, so she travels the world looking for a place just for her not to mention all of the new dance mooves (total cow pun there).

Next time you are looking for a cute book to read to your children, be sure to check out Prancing Dancing Lily.

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One thought on “Children’s Book Review: Prancing Dancing Lily

  1. I’m so glad you discovered my PRANCING DANCING LILY. She’s a spunky cow. 🙂 If you or friends ever have trouble finding the book, there’s a digital app where LILY dances, spins, and twirls…and moos. Thanks so much for sharing LILY

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