The History Behind the Dresses – Vera

What is this VC collection? Well let me tell you. VC stands for Vera Copeland, very lovely lady who lived in the same house her whole life it had been in her family for 3 generations if I remember correctly. At the ripe at of 90 years old she was put into a nursing home after driving into a flat bed truck parked at the side of the road, which I’ve driven that part of the road when trucks park like that and truly anyone could have miscalculated the distance but I digress.

While her son was cleaning out his mother’s house, my husband stopped to say hello and ask about Vera. While he was there the son started talking about throwing away all of the clothing in the house, he opened a closet and what shall appear but a closet stuffed full of vintage dresses.

My husband is a lovely man who immediately suggested that instead of throwing them away to sell them to me. So two days later I trudge up there with my 4 month old infant in tow and I dug through that closet and brought about 70% of it home with me.

So what dresses do I have from this closet of treasures, here is a small sample of a few that I still have in my shop today.

C4 C6 C16a C28 C30 C42 C52D C54 C56I C58 C59F C65H C66 C77I C96E

Vera passed away 2 years ago from dementia, her memory lives on through her clothing that is given a new life when I ship it off to its new forever home.

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