The History Behind the Dresses – Frannie

I often get asked by friends and family where I find my treasures for my shop, sometimes it is by searching far and wide and other times it kind of falls in my lap.

This story begins almost 8 years ago long before I opened my Etsy shop, even though selling vintage clothing is something I had/have wanted to do for a very long time. My older sister Grandmother passed away unexpectedly, my sister is the only grandchild of Frannie Udeck. She was a woman of many talents and one who loved to play bingo, from the stories I’ve been told she was quite the character. I only remember meeting her once and that was at my sisters wedding 15 years ago now.

After she passed away, my sister was told by her Dad to go in and take whatever she wanted because he was just going to have an estate auction since there wasn’t anything that he wanted in the house not to mention he lived in Florida while Frannie lived in Ohio.

Frannie’s whole house was a treasure trove of trinkets, jewelry, clothing and dolls. It was like stepping back in time to the 1970’s.

My sister knew her grandmother kept all of her clothing from years past and instead of throwing them away or selling them, she said come on up and take whatever you want.

Frannie’s clothing were the very first thing I ever had for my shop, most of it is from the 1970’s occasionally the 1960’s and very few pieces from the 1980’s. Her memory lives on through each item I sell from my shop, here is a small sample of clothing found in Frannie’s Closet.

C48 C51 C62 C63 C72F C83 C106F C133F C198G download

I still have several totes of clothing to go through and either list or rephotograph for my shop. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about where I find my pretties.

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