Studio Renovations Part Four: The Hunt for Color

Tuesday I finally got back to work on my studio as it has been to cold and there isn’t any heat up there just yet. I took January through March off because of the that fact. I wasn’t planning on painting yesterday but the new paint roller my husband got me works very well with a broom handle attached so I didn’t have to worry about climbing a ladder with my very large pregnant belly not that I would have as it isn’t safe. (Side note: Tuesday was almost 60 degree weather so I had plenty of windows open for ventilation while I painted.)

While finishing painting the first coat of primer on the walls yesterday I decided that the two colors I had picked out for my studio were just not going to work. I originally had picked out 2 Valspar colors Betsy Linen and Vintage Gray, while beautiful colors I don’t think they are going to work like I had hoped they would.

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So the hunt is on for a new color, do I go bold or neutral colors is the question. I do believe a trip to Lowes is in my future today to pick up another bucket of primer and pick out some color swatches/samples.

I am leaning towards bold possibly a shade of Aqua or Teal. I will let you know when I find the perfect color.

Until next time,



One thought on “Studio Renovations Part Four: The Hunt for Color

  1. I remember painting the exterior of our house when I was pregnant. Of course, I can’t remember which kid I was pregnant with. That is sad because we only have two!

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