Studio Renovation Part Eight – Quick Update

On Tuesday a friend come to help me finishing painting the top of the walls near the ceiling since I can not climb ladders, I am very blessed to have friends like that. While she finished painting I made quick work of sanding the window sill in the room that I have designated as the playroom, don’t worry I wore safety glasses and a mask since I am sure it was old lead paint.


Once I finished that small project and cleaned it up, I spent the rest of the time washing baseboards and door frames in my studio and the small bit of hallway right outside the room. I will be putting wallpaper up on 2 of the walls since I couldn’t remove the old wallpaper but that will a post for another time.

Once my friend finished painting we moved 4 of the 6 clothing racks into the room.

With the help of my husband on Thursday (yes I got 2 days of work in this week), we rearranged the racks to find the best fit. It still needs tweaking but we are on the right track. I wiped the racks and rods down as well as a box of hangers we picked up at the same day we bought the racks.

I also scrubbed the baseboard and door frames in the play room prepping them for painting.

Either Monday or Tuesday I plan on start moving inventory up to the studio and I am so excited I can hardly handle it. I am definitely going to need more hangers and I’ll need to find the right size 3M Command Hooks to hang hats upon.

Until Next Time,



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