Studio Renovation Part Nine – Moving Day

Yesterday day I along with help from my daughter we moved 3/4ths of my inventory into the studio which equals to 5 loads in the back of my SUV. Thank goodness the seat lays down so we could move a lot of it without stacking or worrying about damaging anything.



First load of the morning




Pile #1 of clothing awaiting to be hung up


Pile #2 of clothing waiting to be hung up


Shoes and Handbags



And Hats too


More hats and a few books



Clothing already on hangers that were on a single clothing rack in my house.



We celebrated our success with ice cream cones at our local ice cream stand.

Ice cream yum


Today I moved the rest of the inventory from the main part of my house including another set of shelves and then I started to arduous task of organizing and hanging all the dresses up. I made a huge  dent in hanging everything up but I’m not quite done as I need more hangers to finish the job.

By the time I was done today, this is what the room looked like.


Most of the clothing had been hung up.


All hung up and ready to go.



Instead of 2 mounding piles, I have 1 small neat pile.

Now  there isn’t any function or organization to my racks just yet, that will be step two once I get everything hung up. I have figured I will have a rack for each era and then address it by type of clothing. The only selection of clothing that will not have its own era is children’s clothing and that is because I have such a small selection of it right now, but I will put it in order by decade/era.

Until next time,




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