Book Review – The Teachers Funeral

Last week while browsing the Young Adult audio book section I came across the title The Teachers Funeral – A Comedy In Three Parts to listen to with my children in the car while we made our daily trip to my oldest daughter swim lessons. While not thrilled at first the kids put up a fight but soon settled down to listen to the story Russell Culver is telling about the year he was 15 in 1904.

the teachers funeral

The story begins in August of 1904 when Russel finds out that Miss Mert the school teacher has hit the bucket and he hopes that the one room school house will be shut down for good as he plans to go to the Dakota’s to get a job as a large farm crew for the harvest season for a whole $17 a week pay. He isn’t planning on going alone though, his best friend Charlie Parr is planning on coming with him. However his whole plan gets a curve ball when his older sister Tansy gets the job as the new school teacher.

This book is read in first person.

This story is fun and interesting for kids and adults a like.

Written by Richard Peck

Read by Dylan Baker who does a wonderful job.

This book is 4 hours and 42 minutes long in Audio Book form.

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