The House that Jim and Janet Built

Occasionally I get very real with my blog posts and today is one of those days.

Over the last couple of weeks I along with my sisters and sister in law have been helping my Mom clean out my Grandmothers house that was recently sold since my Grandma can no longer live alone due to dementia. She currently resides in a memory care nursing home. The house was built by my Grandparents in the late 1970’s after my Mom went to college and only her two younger siblings lived at home still.

While we were cleaning we found oodles of old family pictures that I can not wait to get scanned and blown up for my studio. There were so many stories behind each picture that my Mom and her siblings know very little if anything about.

My grandparents were fastidious with their record keeping, we have small seemingly bland notebooks filled with different kinds of accounting information. Each Aunt and Uncle had a whole notebook devoted to their wedding costs, receipts were included and sometimes wedding pictures as well.

Tucked away in a upstairs closet were presents bought several years ago and long forgotten. In another closet were a pair of those white sweatshirts with grandchildren hand prints in paint all over them that were made for my grandparents so long ago. My Grandma had kept both of them, the paint faded and almost gone on hers while my Grandpa’s was a little brighter. My Grandfather has been gone for 20 years and she has kept both of these sweatshirts made my heart sad. When I found them I just hugged them both, missing my Grandpa more than words can say. His sweatshirt still smelled like him.

Yesterday we finished cleaning out the house and my Mom will turn over the keys to the new owners today, so new memories can be made.


Until Next Time,



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