Rental Renovation Project – The North House Part 1

My husband and I own several rentals and over the course of this summer we have been renovating one of them and I’ll be updating a few area’s of another one as well. I thought why not write about the updates we are doing in these great houses.

The first house we call the North House due to the owners before us being the North’s  plus it makes it easier on us to name the houses.

The North house was purchased last September at a local auction, it is a beautiful gray brick house built in the 1890’s. Mr. North had quite a few rentals and wasn’t known to be the best repairman so many of the things we have come across were put in poorly. So we have had to deal with that long with other problems, but fixing one thing at a time has this house ready to rent out to a lovely couple.

Several of the projects we worked on in that house was painting the living room and dining room, updating/fixing 2 of the 4 bathrooms, removing a drop ceiling in one bedroom and repairing the ceiling and chimney in that room. We have also removed a closet that was built in a doorway, fixed a few cracks and holes in the ceilings with plaster and dry wall mud. Replaced a few lights as well. So it has definitely been a busy summer working on that house between our regular schedule lives.

Today is all about before pictures.


The dining room has some weird accordion wallpaper and a horribly stained carpet. So the walls were painted a hideous green that our renters picked out and to be fair it is a pretty color on the paint swatch. We replaced the carpet in this room and the room to the right, it was a pale pink carpet in there. It was replaced with a soft beige.



The living room was so dark

The living room was dark, oh so dark with its green wallpaper and heavy white curtains on the windows. Although there really is only 1 true window to the outside in this room. So I removed all of the wallpaper on the walls, my husband removed the built in bookcases since they were not in great condition. Oh and all the cords you see in the right hand corner of the bottom picture, well Mr. North used oodles of short extension cords, we found about 30 of them while cleaning out the house.

We have come across a few strange things like the plugin light switch. The reflective tape around the light bulbs in the kitchen light. And the mess of wiring, plumbing and air vent disaster in one of the bathrooms. Repairing and fixing this work has taken a while but we are slowly getting it done.


Where can I get a skirt with this print?

There have been a few treasures such as this wallpaper in one of the upstairs bathroom above the drop ceiling. I’m pretty sure this is one my favorite things in this whole house.


This mantle is my favorite one. The tile is pink and cream which I have never seen before.


The detail work is amazing


One thing this house has going for it is the beautiful mantels. The large mantels are downstairs while the small fireplace mantels are in 2 of the 3 bedrooms.

Until Next Time,



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