Rental Renovation Project – The North House Part 3

The living room, I’m so excited to show you the living room. Man oh man has it changed since we first bought the place back in September.

If you remember it was this super dark wallpaper with heavy white curtains over the single window in this room. I peeled the wallpaper off in this room pretty quickly, all I used was a spray bottle of water and a plastic putty knife. I was surprised to see that it came off pretty easily and without to many problems.


It was so stinking dark in this room, the ceiling light/fan didn’t work so that didn’t help matters any.


One Sunday I only had my youngest with me in other words I was babywearing, so I only scraped wallpaper as far as I could reach since it wasn’t safe to climb a ladder while wearing her. This work was literally an hours worth of work, I do love results like that.

A few days later I was able to make my escape, I mean find a babysitter and finish pulling the wallpaper off the walls. The wallpaper only went to the tops of the built-ins so that was great news.


What a mess



The corner where the built-ins were located


During our repaint of the living room I decided that the ceiling would need painting too since it was an almond color and didn’t fit the updated color scheme. It was amazing how much brighter it became once the ceiling was painted a bright white.IMG_20160625_181323809

Lets just say the updated colors turned out fantastic. Honestly my husband and I have thought about using this same gray in our living room when we repaint at some point.

Now the fireplace mantle looked a little drab after seeing everything painted white as it was an off white almost cream color.


The corner wasn’t painted yet due to needing the corner fixed with a bit of dry wall mud.

The next picture is just after the first coat of white paint.


The difference was perfect and changed the whole look without damaging it at all. If it hadn’t already been painted we wouldn’t have done so.

Until Next Time,


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