Rental Renovation – Campbell House Part 1

My husband and I acquired this rental house about 3 years ago, it was instant love for us. As it is in need of some updating, I am attempting to do some of it while our renters are living there. So I decided to start with the front entrance/hallway, it was covered in a yellow flower wallpaper that made the area dark and dingy even though the wallpaper was rather pretty. Especially since there is very little light in that corner and since the ceiling and walls are plaster putting new lights is almost impossible unless you don’t mind making a mess.

This was one of those projects that isn’t hard to complete it is just messy and takes time. Again finding a babysitter is the hardest part of this project for me, but having 4 children tends to do that.

Ok. So this front entrance had 2 layers of wallpaper on it, I once again used just a spray bottle and plastic putty knife to remove it.






As you can see it was rather pretty wallpaper. Even the ceiling has a thick wallpaper on it, that needed to be removed. Because of the carpet I put just a cheap plastic drop cloth that I could throw away at the end of the day since it would be covered in wet pieces of wallpaper. I also brought a step ladder and borrowed the renters step ladder, I be bringing my own step ladder once we start to paint and of course our cloth drop cloth.








There is just so much going on in this front entrance that we want to make it a cohesive and bright color. We are going to paint the section of dark paneling by the stairs and leave the red color. Although a we are putting a small piece of trim between the paneling and the red wall going up the steps.


One thing we will be replacing is the pendant light, while it is beautiful it doesn’t put out a lot of light. We are going to find vintage style chandelier for this space instead, that way it gives our tenants the light they need and open up the space with just light.

It took 2 days a total of 6 hours to remove all of the wallpaper on the walls, the paper on the ceiling came down in giant strips in less than 5 minutes.


Until Next Time,



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