Shoe Display


I love it when I find things in unexpected places that most people would throw out, for instance this wooden shoe display was found in the North House while we were cleaning it out. Tucked away in one of the closets was this primitive looking shoe display/holder in all its glory of crackled paint and rough edges.


As I was getting ready for a vintage fair in Walnut Creek Ohio at the time, this was exactly what I needed for all of the shoes I planned on taking with me.
IMG_20160530_173626394However it needed a few things done to it before the fair; my husband trimmed the top off for me and I sanded it smooth.




Once it was sanded, I washed off all the excess dirt and waited for it to dry. At first I couldn’t decide what color to paint this piece as I did not like the original paint job, plus I am not a primitive decor kind of gal. So I decided to give it the old glossy black paint job. Let me say that I’m happy with how it turned out.

Sometimes all you need is a can of spray paint to turn something ugly to pretty over night.

Until Next Time,



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