Spring Cleaning Time Again


Every spring I get in a super spring cleaning mode, simplify everything turns out to be my motto. I get so far then I start to slow down. This year I have already purged a couple of bags full of things and have my whole attic to go through. My husband and I are looking to buy a farm and need to purge all of the clothes my kids have outgrown that I have been keeping for the next kid. I will go through and keep a few things but I’m tired of holding on to stuff, it is time for it to go and to finish adding on to our house.

So this spring my goals are to

  • Clean the attic out
  • Donate or sell or trash what I don’t need
  • Try to clean one area each week (that way I’m not overwhelmed)

Simple but easy and hopefully attainable goals.

Until Next Time,



It’s the Little Things

I finally have been working in my studio more. Now that the baby is 7 months old and is big enough to babywear on my back it makes working up there so much easier. Happy Baby makes for a more productive Mama that is for sure. I have dedicated at least 1 day a week to taking pictures and writing the listings out in my notebook that I bring home and write out in my Etsy listings.

I know it seems counterproductive to write my listing out in a notebook first then on the computer but I find it easier that way if I lose the information on the computer I still have a hard copy to fall back on.

Today was not picture day as I like to call it but a day where I cleaned and straightened and hung more hats and clothing I finished cleaning up. I really need a way to buy Command 3M hooks in bulk but I haven’t found a great way to do so just yet. Yes I’ve checked Amazon and eBay without any luck so the search continues.

Now that the playroom is finished I had both boys up there while the oldest was getting a sewing lesson down the street, they literally played in their room the whole 2 hours we were there. I’m sure that won’t last forever but at this time I really don’t care.

Now that we are almost a whole month into the new year, I have decided on a plan for my shop. I will be listing all the of the jewelry I have and once it is all sold I will not be adding any more jewelry to the shop. I’m also thinking about phasing out any home wares as well actually I’m thinking I am going to do it. I want to focus on vintage clothing and accessories only.

The History Behind the Dresses – Frannie

I often get asked by friends and family where I find my treasures for my shop, sometimes it is by searching far and wide and other times it kind of falls in my lap.

This story begins almost 8 years ago long before I opened my Etsy shop, even though selling vintage clothing is something I had/have wanted to do for a very long time. My older sister Grandmother passed away unexpectedly, my sister is the only grandchild of Frannie Udeck. She was a woman of many talents and one who loved to play bingo, from the stories I’ve been told she was quite the character. I only remember meeting her once and that was at my sisters wedding 15 years ago now.

After she passed away, my sister was told by her Dad to go in and take whatever she wanted because he was just going to have an estate auction since there wasn’t anything that he wanted in the house not to mention he lived in Florida while Frannie lived in Ohio.

Frannie’s whole house was a treasure trove of trinkets, jewelry, clothing and dolls. It was like stepping back in time to the 1970’s.

My sister knew her grandmother kept all of her clothing from years past and instead of throwing them away or selling them, she said come on up and take whatever you want.

Frannie’s clothing were the very first thing I ever had for my shop, most of it is from the 1970’s occasionally the 1960’s and very few pieces from the 1980’s. Her memory lives on through each item I sell from my shop, here is a small sample of clothing found in Frannie’s Closet.

C48 C51 C62 C63 C72F C83 C106F C133F C198G download

I still have several totes of clothing to go through and either list or rephotograph for my shop. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about where I find my pretties.

Until Next Time,


The History Behind the Dresses – Vera

What is this VC collection? Well let me tell you. VC stands for Vera Copeland, very lovely lady who lived in the same house her whole life it had been in her family for 3 generations if I remember correctly. At the ripe at of 90 years old she was put into a nursing home after driving into a flat bed truck parked at the side of the road, which I’ve driven that part of the road when trucks park like that and truly anyone could have miscalculated the distance but I digress.

While her son was cleaning out his mother’s house, my husband stopped to say hello and ask about Vera. While he was there the son started talking about throwing away all of the clothing in the house, he opened a closet and what shall appear but a closet stuffed full of vintage dresses.

My husband is a lovely man who immediately suggested that instead of throwing them away to sell them to me. So two days later I trudge up there with my 4 month old infant in tow and I dug through that closet and brought about 70% of it home with me.

So what dresses do I have from this closet of treasures, here is a small sample of a few that I still have in my shop today.

C4 C6 C16a C28 C30 C42 C52D C54 C56I C58 C59F C65H C66 C77I C96E

Vera passed away 2 years ago from dementia, her memory lives on through her clothing that is given a new life when I ship it off to its new forever home.

Until Next Time,


Vintage Kids

I adore coming across vintage pieces for children, usually at flea markets and occasionally at a yard sale. Finding pieces for my kids to wear doesn’t happen very often as my 9 year old is taller than most girls her age and my boys are well boys in every sense of the word. Rough, tumble play in the dirt boys so finding something that isn’t delicate is hard. However I came across these children’s coats a while back and I just finished cleaning them before listing in the shop. I may keep the bigger coat for one of the boys to wear.

DSC_0405 DSC_0417 DSC_0428

Now the blue coat has flower buttons on it so I believe it is for a little girl, however my 3 year old was gracious enough to try it on for me. (please don’t mind the crazy hair and clothes he wouldn’t let me change him before taking his picture)

DSC_0444 DSC_0415

The other yellow coat was to small for him to even attempt to put it on.

I also love infant clothing, sometimes a pregnancy center I donate to gives them to me because they can’t give them away to their clients and nor do their clients want such things. So we trade, I give them a box a diapers and they give me a small bag or box of vintage clothing, that is my kind of barter system. Here are a few pieces I’ve found in those bags or boxes.

DSC_0469 DSC_0458 DSC_0447CC7

The peach cardigan actually has a pair of booties with it and the blue outfit has a matching hat as well.

I can’t wait for this next baby to be born so I can dress him or her up in pretty vintage pieces.

Until next time,


Outfit Of The Day: Winter Outerwear, Holiday Party and Christmas Party

Many times I hear “I don’t have anywhere vintage clothing or how to wear it.” Guess what they are just clothes exactly like the ones sitting in your dresser and closet at home.

Winter Outerwear consists of a beautiful gray coat with real fur collar and cuffs, I added a hat and a red flower brooch for a pop of color.

ootd outerwear

Coat Link Here

Hat Link Here

Brooch Link Here

Holiday party outfit is elegant yet simple, a lovely brown dress paired with red shoes and a poinsettia apron. The perfect hostess ensemble 

 OOTD Holiday Party 

Dress Link Here

Apron Link Here

Shoes haven’t been added to my shop yet, but check the many other pairs of shoes I do have listed.

Christmas party, I know you ladies love to be the Belle of the Ball at parties and this outfit has all the right pieces to do so. To be honest if my shoulders weren’t as wide as they are I would have kept this dress, it is probably my favorite dress in my shop.

OOTD Winter Party

Coat Link Here

Dress Link Here

Headband Link Here