First Date


Thank you for reading my 3rd installment of fictional stories. If you love this dress as much as I do please check it out here.

Dear Diary,
Tonight is the night, I finally am going on a date with George Dunning. He is so dreamy with his wavy hair and sparkling green eyes. I could just sit and stare at him all day long. Susan doesn’t think he is attractive at all but she is dating Eddy who I think is just adorable, not date-able but adorable nonetheless. Plus George is super smart, he is at the top of our class and I keep hoping he will end up being my partner in science class just so I can pass the class.
English and P.E classes I enjoy but science and math are so boring, my math teacher Mrs. Thomas really knows her stuff but her voice is so monotone it puts me to sleep within minutes of her starting to explain a problem.

Back to my date with George, I decided to wear my lucky brown knit dress with the dark brown pom-pom off the collar. It is my lucky dress since that was the dress I was wearing when he called to ask me out and it is the dress I was wearing when I found $5.00 in the parking lot of the grocery store. Mama doesn’t know I found $5.00 so I am saving it to buy her a special birthday present next month. I am thinking of wearing my hair up just in case he puts his arm around my shoulders my hair won’t get pulled, those kinds of things are important think ahead of. Who knows he just might try to kiss me, oh how I hope he does.
Mama said not to let him get fresh on a first date and that we need to learn about each other first. What is there to know, he is dreamy, drives a beat up truck to school every day. He brings his sister and brother to the middle school before coming to the high school every day. So I know he is a good brother, I see him drive his Mama to the grocery store and to church every Sunday. They go to the church across from the diner Papa likes to take us to after church once a month, I don’t particularly like their food but I go just for the chance to see George one extra day a month.

Oh look at the time, I need to get dressed and do my hair.
I’ll tell you all about my date tomorrow, eek I’m excited!


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