Spring Cleaning Time Again


Every spring I get in a super spring cleaning mode, simplify everything turns out to be my motto. I get so far then I start to slow down. This year I have already purged a couple of bags full of things and have my whole attic to go through. My husband and I are looking to buy a farm and need to purge all of the clothes my kids have outgrown that I have been keeping for the next kid. I will go through and keep a few things but I’m tired of holding on to stuff, it is time for it to go and to finish adding on to our house.

So this spring my goals are to

  • Clean the attic out
  • Donate or sell or trash what I don’t need
  • Try to clean one area each week (that way I’m not overwhelmed)

Simple but easy and hopefully attainable goals.

Until Next Time,



Spring Cleaning Part 2


Since I wrote Spring Cleaning Part 1, I have completed a bunch of tasks on my list such as washing walls and the interior side of the windows as well as giving the living room carpet a good shampooing even cleaning the stove out. I am hoping to be done with my list before March at least that is my goal.


Today I have been working on deep cleaning my bedroom Mr. KVC said no pictures as that is one room that is off limits to the public. I will honor his request and I hope my words will give you a idea of what I am dealing with. Right before Christmas I went through all of the clothing in our bedroom which includes both of my  sons dresser, and the dresser my husband and I share well he gets 2 drawers and I get 4 but he likes all of his shirts including t-shirts hung up.

Our 2 and 3 year old boys wear the same size clothing so they have always shared a dresser, I know that will soon change but for now it works for us. I try to go through their clothing a couple times a year as they get bigger and remove clothing that is to small and replace it with appropriate sizes usually the size they are currently wearing and a size or two bigger as all clothing is not created equal in sizing depending on the brand and style.

At that time I also went through my clothing and my husbands jeans, good heavens that man has more jeans than the rest of us combined in this house. They actually sit in folded piles on top of the boys dresser because they won’t fit into our shared dresser. Why don’t I hang them up? I can’t but for good reason, we only have 1 closet in this whole house and it is located in the bathroom, it is a decent size closet however between all of Mr. KVC shirts and my dress clothes and our daughters dresses there isn’t much room left for anything else.

Since our clothing has been taken care of, the rest of the  room just needs a good vacuuming and the walls washed. Thankfully those are fairly easy things to do with the exception of cleaning under the bed and behind the dressers, the bed and dressers are to heavy for me to move on my own in my current state i.e. 23 weeks pregnant. So that will have to wait until Mr. KVC can help me move them, hopefully this afternoon when he gets back from plowing snow from many of our neighbors driveways.

After a short break….

Well Mr. KVC is back and we tried moving the bed, instead moving it like I had planned we ended up breaking the bed. The foot-board came clean off, Mr. KVC says he can fix it and I really hope he can because I like our bed. So after that fiasco I will finish our room tomorrow.

Until next time,


Spring Cleaning Part 1

Today I am attempting to battle that even mounding pile of stuff called the toy box. I usually go through the toy box twice a year to purge and get rid of broken toys and things that they have outgrown this happens in June and December before Christmas. However my kids have been playing with the same 4 types of toys since Christmas leaving the mounding pile of other toys alone, so I decided that less really is more and I leaving those 4 types of toys out while I put the rest away in storage for now.

“But Mom how can you do such a thing to these poor kids?” Easy to many toys or things can be over stimulating and cause some children anxiety. I am choosing to keep toys that spark creativity and imagination play rather than stimulating play, I already ask family and friends not to give toys that make noise or it stays at their house. So that is one less thing I have to worry about, not to mention the fact that kind of noise makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

So what am I keeping? Wooden blocks, Lego Dulplos, Wooden train set, a few puzzles, and the retro Fisher Price Toys. Of course books are always readily available to my children as is their play kitchen which resides in my daughters bedroom.

I actually took a few before and after shots, I should have gotten a good floor picture on the one side of the room because that floor was littered with books that didn’t have room on my bookcases. I need more bookcases that is for certain but until then I packed 3 boxes of books away in our attic.

DSC_0102 As you can see I didn’t get a floor shot in front of this bookcase.

Oh the toys, so many friggin toys that do not get played with and I’m constantly having the kids pick up them up and put out of the way.

DSC_0101 This is actually fairly clean as I had picked up all the kids books and put them away on Thursday. It is the mounding pile of toys and stuff that I am totally over.

As you can see I cleaned up and straightened the shelves, I put books away and I moved a small filing container on top of the small safe that are my husbands important paperwork. We are always on the lookout for a antique filing cabinet to use as our filing cabinet instead on mounds of paper work laying around in piles and creating unorganized chaos.

DSC_0105                 DSC_0111

The kids and I are happy with the results of cleaning out the toy box and putting them away in the attic until they are ready to trade them out some time down the road. EDIT: It has been 4 days since I purges the toys and my children are happier with the results still, I have yet to be asked for a toy that has been put away.


Spring cleaning project #1 complete.

On the upside of this project, I actually had to clean the stairs to our attic up as well and since that is another Spring Cleaning project I can say I have 2 of them completed in just a few short hours.

Until next time.