Updating Children’s School Desk

IMG_20150828_153158731Last September my husband and I bought this child’s school desk for our now 4 year old to use for school work and coloring as his older sister already had a desk I had updated the same way in the same color. We bought this treasure at the Springfield Antique show and Flea Market Extravaganza in Springfield Ohio for a mere $15.00

As you can see this desk was in pretty rough condition rust wise and need some TLC which I gladly gave it.


We whisked the desk over to the family farm pole barn for a good sanding while the children played with the farm kittens. I used an electric sander, so the whole sanding process took less than 15 minutes.


Sanding really cleaned it up quickly, don’t you think?



Once this beautiful was completely sanded I wiped it down with a rag to remove any particles from the surface before painting.


I then with the a little bit of help from my children covered the seat and a few other area’s with painter tape. I used a spray paint and didn’t want to get any on the seat, back or desk surface.


A well covered seat kept all of the paint off. Once the desk was sanded and taped up I had to wait a few days before I could paint due to time constraints and the fact I had to go buy paint which was easily attainable.

The final step took a day to achieve, after 2 coats of paint and 1 1/2 cans of gray spray paint. An adorable desk is brought back to life and is ready for its next student.

IMG_20150914_161519558      IMG_20150914_161528744 IMG_20150914_161511611

Until next time,