Spring Has Arrived

After a very cold and snowy winter, I think I can honestly saw that spring has officially arrived to Ohio. The birds are out and about singing their spring time songs, the spring peepers can be heard every night and the leaves on the trees have started to pop out.

This year my daffodils have bloomed earlier than they have ever bloomed before, because the of the small hillside they are one they usually don’t bloom until May


DSC_0062 DSC_0058

Happy Spring,



Studio Renovations Part Six: The Hunt For Color II

As my studio progressively gets closer to being finished I am in quandary of what color to choose from. Last week I talked about getting a few samples of colors that appealed to me, before I left the studio I used a piece of cardboard and painted some white primer paint on it to prep it for my sample swatch instead of painting on the walls to do so.

I narrowed it down to 3 paint chips at Lowes and had those 3 turned into small paint samples. I don’t know if you remember or not about the employee in the paint section forgot to put the name of the paint on the sample its self so I don’t have the names to share with you. So I labeled each sample with a number 1 through 3 and did the same to the area that I painted on my cardboard swatch.


After my samples had dried I am very much leaning towards sample 1, it is a very light yet crisp color and one that will not detract from the pieces in my shop.

IMAG4490 Sample 1, my favorite right now

IMAG4491 Sample 2, I like it but I think it is going to be a bit to dark.

IMAG4492 Sample 3, I do like this color blue but it doesn’t seem right for my studio.


I must decided one which color by Friday so I can run to Lowes and get a couple of gallons of paint.


Studio Renovation Part Five: The Layers of Primer

I haven’t written in a while about working in my studio and there is a reason for, I took January, February and March off as it was to cold to go up there and I just wasn’t feeling it. Being pregnant and all I was sick a lot over the last couple of months, it started the week of Thanksgiving with a cold and that lasted until the middle of March not fun let me tell you.

Ok so I started working up in the studio only once a week on the 31 of March. In the last 3 weeks I have finished priming the walls and baseboards of the studio room, not just one coat of primer but whole coats and I’m thinking I might need a third coat of primer on one wall as the paper backing is just soaking it up.

Last week due to running out of primer I ran to Lowes and picked up another bucket of primer and 3 samples of potential colors. All three are varying shades of light green/blues to bring in a light color without being over powering. Today I painted my cardboard piece to paint my samples on next week when I go back I will also need a marker as the employee forgot to put the name on the bottom of each sample when printing out the labels.


I’m not sure if you can tell or not the difference between one and two coats of primer on the wall, once I was finished priming the whole room I could see a huge difference.





Sorry for the low quality pictures for some reason the camera on my phone is being wonky since my phone last updated.

I’m very excited to have this portion done and I am ready move on to the next part.

To Do List

  • Paint Ceiling
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Baseboards and Trim
  • Wipe down all woodwork
  • Scrub Floors.
  • Move Inventory In!

Until Next Time,


Studio Renovations Part Four: The Hunt for Color

Tuesday I finally got back to work on my studio as it has been to cold and there isn’t any heat up there just yet. I took January through March off because of the that fact. I wasn’t planning on painting yesterday but the new paint roller my husband got me works very well with a broom handle attached so I didn’t have to worry about climbing a ladder with my very large pregnant belly not that I would have as it isn’t safe. (Side note: Tuesday was almost 60 degree weather so I had plenty of windows open for ventilation while I painted.)

While finishing painting the first coat of primer on the walls yesterday I decided that the two colors I had picked out for my studio were just not going to work. I originally had picked out 2 Valspar colors Betsy Linen and Vintage Gray, while beautiful colors I don’t think they are going to work like I had hoped they would.

e975552034970285b075d94fea1f85f4 e7abb90d5531e820de8ad17f397170b0

So the hunt is on for a new color, do I go bold or neutral colors is the question. I do believe a trip to Lowes is in my future today to pick up another bucket of primer and pick out some color swatches/samples.

I am leaning towards bold possibly a shade of Aqua or Teal. I will let you know when I find the perfect color.

Until next time,