My Every Day Vintage

In a previous post called Every Day Wear Vintage I talked about wearing vintage every day rather than just out and about. I have the hardest time finding vintage pieces that I can wear due to being long waisted, however I think I may have finally found a way round it besides wearing empire waist dresses all the time.

I was looking through some vintage hair style tutorials when I came across one that I tried the other day, however I am incapable of doing victory curls so I modified it and did a front bump (is there an actual name to this style?)


I first saw this tutorial on Facebook and I followed the link to a Tumblr account which had actual written directions here.

My favorite vintage hairstyle blog is by The Freckled Fox, great tutorials and directions are given on her website. Definitely worth checking out, I used her tutorials when I ask my hair dresser to put victory curls in my hair for a party last year. 

Here is my version of the photo up above.


I know the photo’s aren’t the best since my 8 year old was helping me that day. 

As I started with I am wearing my every day vintage almost everyday now, I may need to find a few more blouses to finish out my closet.


Scarf, Blouse and shoes are vintage. the pedal pushers are new.