Pampers Pure Diaper Review

Hello KVC blog fans. I am sorry I haven’t been updating the blog much in the last year and a half. Life has been crazy including a new baby in the house.

Thomas arrived on July 29th, 2019 at dawn weighing a whopping 9 lbs 6 oz. He bypassed the newborn diaper size and went straight into size 1’s. At 2 weeks old he is just about out of size 1 diapers already, we grow our babies large in the KVC household.

Speaking of diapers I received complementary package of Papers Pure Protection diapers from Influenster to try on my newborn, which was super awesome because if you have ever bought diapers you know that cost adds up quickly.

I did compare the Pampers Pure to the Pamper Swaddler diapers. The Pure have a softer lining and are about 1/2 an inch larger all around compared to the Swaddler.
The Pure was also very absorbent which is important for a baby who is a pee pot like Thomas is. The designs on the outside of the diaper were adorable as well.
All in all the Pamper Pure diapers were gently on my newborns tush and did not cause a rash unlike other brands that have the same features.

Thank you Influenster for these free diapers and allowing me to review them for you.



Book Review – The Teachers Funeral

Last week while browsing the Young Adult audio book section I came across the title The Teachers Funeral – A Comedy In Three Parts to listen to with my children in the car while we made our daily trip to my oldest daughter swim lessons. While not thrilled at first the kids put up a fight but soon settled down to listen to the story Russell Culver is telling about the year he was 15 in 1904.

the teachers funeral

The story begins in August of 1904 when Russel finds out that Miss Mert the school teacher has hit the bucket and he hopes that the one room school house will be shut down for good as he plans to go to the Dakota’s to get a job as a large farm crew for the harvest season for a whole $17 a week pay. He isn’t planning on going alone though, his best friend Charlie Parr is planning on coming with him. However his whole plan gets a curve ball when his older sister Tansy gets the job as the new school teacher.

This book is read in first person.

This story is fun and interesting for kids and adults a like.

Written by Richard Peck

Read by Dylan Baker who does a wonderful job.

This book is 4 hours and 42 minutes long in Audio Book form.

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Free Stuff. Say What?

Occasionally I post reviews about products I’ve been given or purchased that I have to share with world. One of the places I receive free products from is, they send me a free products after taking a survey to see if the product is something that my family and I will use or eat.

Once the item has been sent to me I have a certain amount of time to complete my review and post about it on different social media venues, face to face and on my blog here. If this is something that interests you, you can join here.

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Product Review: Amorini Nipple Protection Cups

I was gifted a pair of Amorini nipple protection cups to use and review. I was very excited to try them as I had read fantastic reviews on a few Breastfeeding pages/groups on Facebook as well as Amazon in the past.


I am a new breastfeeding Mom again for the 4th time, I know what you are thinking, shouldn’t my nipples be used to breastfeeding by now? My answer is No. For the simple fact that it had been 1 ½ years since I last nursed and each baby has their own learning curve and nursing style. The mechanics may be the same however each baby is vastly different.

“Amorini harness the antibacterial properties of silver by offering nipple protection and a safe and natural way” is what the pamphlet says and I have to agree.

The protection it is talking about is that your nipples while wearing the Amorini nipple cups keeps your clothing from rubbing against them causing more pain. Before I starting using my Amorini nipple cups I had cracked and blistered nipples from breastfeeding, within a day and a half my blistered were gone and the cracks were healing. By day 3 they were completely healed up and felt significantly better.

Within a week I only needed to wear them when my nipples were sore instead of around the clock.

I do have to say that my favorite part of using the Amorini nipple cups was that I looked a bit like a Femmebot from Austin Powers, I thought it was funny and it made me feel attractive during those first few weeks of motherhood where you generally feel like you’ve been run over by a truck.

The only 2 things I didn’t like about the Amorini nipple cups is that I had to wash them after every breastfeeding session and that they sealed moisture in so when I leaked they filled with milk, while breastmilk is great for your skin and for healing it was having a wet lap from not paying attention on my part that I wasn’t a fan of. This can be avoided by wearing a breastpads and being ready for them to be full of milk.

My overall experience with using the Amorini nipple cups was very positive and I do believe this is a revolutionary product for all nursing Mom’s out there.

For more information on the Amorini nipple cups you can find it here or on their Facebook Page.

Interested in purchasing? You can find them on Amazon here

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