The Family Farm of Don and Ellen

Twice in one year we have had to clean out a grandparents place, first it was my Maternal Grandparents, then my Paternal Grandparents Farm was in dire need of cleaning due to a new owner and almost 5 decades worth of collections. Side Note: I only had time to help clean 1 day, while my Dad and 3 of his siblings did the rest of the work.
Photos from Mom's 80 birthday Slide Show (216)My Grandparents Don and Ellen were married on May 28th, 1949 after a whirlwind courtship. Together they raised 6 children (4 boys 2 girls) the eldest son being my Dad and were married for 44 years.
Grandpa passed away in 1993 at the ripe young age of 64 after battling congestive heart failure. He was the type of grandpa that every child dreams of, he would take us fishing on their little pond and just stop by to say hi when he would drive past our house on his way to the camping grounds where my parents now live and farm.

Grandma lived on to be 83 and passed away back in 2014 from many health problems. Grandma was a twin who lived life to the fullest even though she didn’t drive.

It wasn’t until recently that the my Dad and his siblings decided to sell the family farm to another farmer who will turn the family farm back into a working farm so the legacy of my Grandparents live on.
Givens Farm Sunrise