Spring Has Arrived

After a very cold and snowy winter, I think I can honestly saw that spring has officially arrived to Ohio. The birds are out and about singing their spring time songs, the spring peepers can be heard every night and the leaves on the trees have started to pop out.

This year my daffodils have bloomed earlier than they have ever bloomed before, because the of the small hillside they are one they usually don’t bloom until May


DSC_0062 DSC_0058

Happy Spring,



Christmas Guest Blogger: Myrthe of MyrtheDotFr

Today I am introducing Myrthe of MyrtheDotFr blog, I hope you enjoy her guest post today. ~Kristen
Joyeux Noël,
Sunday morning, November 30th, it’s cold outside and the sky is grey … A “when will the snow begins to fall ?” kind of grey … There was a lot of wind lately which made the last leaves falling on the ground … It smells like winter … tomorrow it will be December and that gives me a warm Christmas feeling …
I go for a walk and see Holly, Mistletoe and a Christmas tree …
Christmas Tree
I took home a little twig of holly to make a special picture for you ! Merry Christmas to you from France !
Joyeux Noel
Joyeux Noël ! from Myrthe

Berry Good Day

Black Raspberries grow wild in abundance in Ohio and I make use of that fact by picking as many berries as I can so I can freeze them to eat over the winter.







I even found a few friends along the way.



The family dog Honey was my ever faithful companion today, she looks as hot as I felt.


By the time I was done picking berries, I had 2 quarts of berries to put away that is if my kids don’t get to them first.






Creative Challenge Week 4: Abstract Art

My husband decided to burn the grass on the hillside near our house, why he decided to do that I’m not sure. I am just waiting for the Fire Department to arrive in our driveway.

While thinking over this challenge and what to do about it has had me stumped all week. So when I saw the smoke I knew this was the inspiration I needed. After a bit of manipulation to this photograph, this is my spin on Abstract Art.