Creative Challenge: Part Two Week 7: Dada Art

Much like Naive art, I don’t know how to create Dada art so instead I am going to give you a brief outline and history of this genera of art.

What is Dada Art?

Dada was a movement born in Europe during the horrors of World War I. Because of the war many artists, writers and intellectuals from France and German (many but not all were from these countries) fled to Zurich, Switzerland during the Nazi invasion. Far from feeling relief at their escape into Switzerland, they were mad that modern European society would allow the war to happen. So they joined in that time-honored artistic tradition of protesting, together a group of writers and artists used any public forum they could find to metaphorically spit upon nationalism, rationalism and any other -ism they felt had contributed to the war. They were fed up and if society was going to go in a direction they didn’t like they weren’t going to be a part of its traditions…all of the traditions. So these non-artists created non-art of no meaning. (1)

Dada is the groundwork to abstract art and sound poetry, a starting point for performance art, a prelude to postmodernism, an influence on pop art, a celebration of antiart to be later embraced for anarcho-political uses in the 1960’s and the movement that laid the foundation for Surrealism. (2)  

What does Dada mean?

Dada means “yes yes” in Romanian, “Hobby Horse” in French.

What does Dada art look like?









All art was found via Google Images.

Thus concludes Part Two of the Creative Challenge, we may be starting a Part Three in a few weeks so check back for more.


Creative Challenge Part Two Week 6: Architecture

One of the members of the group suggest taking photographs of our towns for week 6 challenge, which I thought was a great idea. Due to time constraints I didn’t get a change to take as many photographs as I wanted, so here are a few. A small glimps into my little town.






This is what happens when I am left to entertain myself

Yesterday my husband and I made a trip to Lowes for a few things not only for my studio but for a rental we are prepping for a new renter. Well after I picked up what I needed I was left to guard the cart and trolley cart, after the first 10 minutes boredom set in and this is the result.

Never underestimate a woman with a camera and a miniature dinosaur.  

IMAG2631 I am not sure if I am in a cave or on a counter top.

IMAG2632 Nap time.

IMAG2635 I do believe red is my color. 

IMAG2637I would win at Hide and Go Seek every time with this camo area rug.

IMAG2638 Rawr I’m a Dinosaur! 

IMAG2639 New swimming pool?

IMAG2641 Hey this cart is not going to push it’s self! 

IMAG2643Are these missiles or window caulke? 

IMAG2644 Stealthy nowIMAG2645 IMAG2646 Hey I’m Walkin Here!

Creative Challenge Part 2 Week 5: Naive Art

When Naive art was first brought up as a possible kind of art, I was slightly panicked about it because it would involve painting which I can not do at all. So instead I am going to give you a small history lesson on Naive Art.

What is Naive Art:

Per Wikipedia “Naïve art is a classification of art that is often characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique. While many naïve artists appear, from their works, to have little or no formal art training, this is often not true. The words “naïve” and “primitive” are regarded as pejoratives and are, therefore, avoided by many.”

When did Naive Art become an accepted genera of art?

In the 20th century, although artists were creating Naive Art since the dawn of time. If you go back to the time of the Caveman, his artwork can certainly be deemed as Naive art.

Who was the first Naive Artist?

No one knows for sure.

What exactly is Naive Art?

Here are a few examples of Naive Art.

All Images are courtesy of A World History Of Art

Creative Challenge Part Two Week Two: Patterns

Patterns are all around us, not just in physical form either. For instance I see patterns in life a lot, let me give you an example; I am the middle of 5 children who collectively have 12 grandchildren for my parents. Now with the exception of the oldest and youngest grandchildren there are what I like to call cousin twins, 2 cousins that were born in the same year.

Another example of patterns or as my one sister calls it serendipity, my oldest is taking swimming lessons with a boy who is a family friend. This boy is exactly a year younger than my daughter to the day, now her swimming teacher has them both on the color orange to swim at the same time.

Those are the kind of patterns I see around me all the time, many others may not notice them however I get a kick out it.

Now there are patterns that we live with that are hideous such as this one

DSC_0009 This pattern is the fake rock wall paneling in my kitchen, I hate it because I feel like I am in a cave rather than my kitchen. Plus it is a pain in the neck to clean.

Then there are patterns that only the sun or a bright light can make like this one.

DSC_0001 The sun is shining through the window in my living room and leaves this shadow pattern.

So you see patterns are all around us, we just have to keep looking for them in all forms and fashions.


Creative Challenge Week 7: Dreams or as I call them Goals

“To dream the impossible dream”

Your dreams and goals are what makes you  you. Who you are and what you do with your life is complex and ever changing and that is completely awesome and OK. Because I grasp the fact that life throws curve balls and bumps in the road I make sure that my goal and dreams are ever changing too.

Every fall Etsy has a seminar called Etsy Boot Camp, which is a 6 – 8 week long course to get your shop ready for the Christmas rush. Last year I wrote out my goals for the next 9 months, the dates of my goals have changed however my goals have not because they are something I still want to achieve. Please excuse the bad handwriting, I know I have horrible handwriting thus is why I like to type everything out instead.

My Goal Board

My Goal Board

As you can see the dates have changed on my dry erase board and dry erase crayons which I love. Some things have become a bust while others have been achieved while even more are not yet completed.  I added a few motivational sayings to remind me that I can do anything I put my mind too. Selling on Etsy is something I love right now and if the time comes that I no longer love it then it is time for me try something else.

Go Big or Go Home!