Vintage First Grade Flash Cards

Several summers ago while out on the hunt during a weekend long yard sale along Rt 40, I found these really cool first grade flash cards. They originally belonged to a 1st grade teacher who taught for 36 years before retiring. At one time there was a complete set of 20, however I broke them up in to sets of 4 and 1 of the sets sold. Of course it was cards 1 through 4. After having them sit in my Etsy shop for a while I decided to put them altogether into one large listing instead. Which meant new pictures and an updated look. For the record scanning them into the computer is much easier and faster than photographing them since you don’t have to worry to much about correct lighting.

The back of these cards say

First Grade – Card 1B5
Reading Essentials Teaching Aids
The Steck Company, Publishers, Austin Texas

History of The Steck Company.

Steck Company started out in the late 19th century as a Christian publisher, printing weekly bulletins and songbooks for the Church of Christ. In 1912 it was taken over by E. L. Steck and was renamed E.L. Steck Company, once it was renamed they began to grow their commercial printing. They had several name changes over their 89 years in business, the last name change was Hart Graphic Inc, which closed its doors March of 2001.