Studio Renovation Part Nine – Moving Day

Yesterday day I along with help from my daughter we moved 3/4ths of my inventory into the studio which equals to 5 loads in the back of my SUV. Thank goodness the seat lays down so we could move a lot of it without stacking or worrying about damaging anything.



First load of the morning




Pile #1 of clothing awaiting to be hung up


Pile #2 of clothing waiting to be hung up


Shoes and Handbags



And Hats too


More hats and a few books



Clothing already on hangers that were on a single clothing rack in my house.



We celebrated our success with ice cream cones at our local ice cream stand.

Ice cream yum


Today I moved the rest of the inventory from the main part of my house including another set of shelves and then I started to arduous task of organizing and hanging all the dresses up. I made a huge  dent in hanging everything up but I’m not quite done as I need more hangers to finish the job.

By the time I was done today, this is what the room looked like.


Most of the clothing had been hung up.


All hung up and ready to go.



Instead of 2 mounding piles, I have 1 small neat pile.

Now  there isn’t any function or organization to my racks just yet, that will be step two once I get everything hung up. I have figured I will have a rack for each era and then address it by type of clothing. The only selection of clothing that will not have its own era is children’s clothing and that is because I have such a small selection of it right now, but I will put it in order by decade/era.

Until next time,




Studio Renovation Part Eight – Quick Update

On Tuesday a friend come to help me finishing painting the top of the walls near the ceiling since I can not climb ladders, I am very blessed to have friends like that. While she finished painting I made quick work of sanding the window sill in the room that I have designated as the playroom, don’t worry I wore safety glasses and a mask since I am sure it was old lead paint.


Once I finished that small project and cleaned it up, I spent the rest of the time washing baseboards and door frames in my studio and the small bit of hallway right outside the room. I will be putting wallpaper up on 2 of the walls since I couldn’t remove the old wallpaper but that will a post for another time.

Once my friend finished painting we moved 4 of the 6 clothing racks into the room.

With the help of my husband on Thursday (yes I got 2 days of work in this week), we rearranged the racks to find the best fit. It still needs tweaking but we are on the right track. I wiped the racks and rods down as well as a box of hangers we picked up at the same day we bought the racks.

I also scrubbed the baseboard and door frames in the play room prepping them for painting.

Either Monday or Tuesday I plan on start moving inventory up to the studio and I am so excited I can hardly handle it. I am definitely going to need more hangers and I’ll need to find the right size 3M Command Hooks to hang hats upon.

Until Next Time,


Studio Renevations Part Seven – Painting

Since I’ve last updated you about which paint color I was planning on choosing from blog post Studio Renovations Part Six: The Hunt For Color II, I chose Paint color #3 aka the one to the far right to paint my studio.


I have painted almost all of my studio with the exception of the area from the top of the wall to the ceiling due to not being able to climb any ladders at this point in my pregnancy. However I have a friend coming on Tuesday to do that bit for me, she loves to paint and this will be so so helpful for me.

Until I take my good camera with me, I will leave you with these few cellphone pictures to check out what the semi finished result.

IMAG4742 IMAG4735IMAG4726 IMAG4737 IMAG4738IMAG4739 IMAG4740 IMAG4741

Now to go find a great light fixture for the room.

Until next time,


Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza – May 2015

Yesterday my husband and I made the 5 hour trip over to Springfield Ohio for the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market Extravaganza, as our usually we were up and out the door by 3:30 yesterday morning. After a quick stop at an IHOP for breakfast we arrived at 7 am just after the gates opened, being almost 36 weeks pregnant being in the car that long made my poor feet swell right up even though I wasn’t driving.

Despite the swelling and sore feet we had a wonderful time and saw so many great things that we had to leave behind. However I have a trunk full of wonderful vintage find that needs cleaned and photographed for the shop, which I doubt will happen before this baby arrives in a few short weeks.

I saw so many adorable baby prams that I wanted to take photographs of all of them, this particular pram caught my eye because of the color. I have never seen an aqua/teal blue in a pram before, it was in great shape and had a reasonable price tag of $175.

IMAG4758 IMAG4759

This pram was just to cute, it was for an older baby/toddler than an infant.


There was a pair of these, I tried to convince my husband that we needed these for the end of our driveway. He veto’ed that idea unfortunately.


Vintage kids car, it had what looked like a small motor in the back but I think it was originally a pedal  car. Oh the fish are cool too.

IMAG4755 IMAG4754

Do vintage linens especially table cloths rev your engine? This is a whole rack of them and they were all gorgeous.


The dealer with the car also made sculptures with barbed wire fence, there was also a Christmas tree and a few other pieces. This one was my favorite.


Mickey and Minnie heads, I believe they were made of some kind of plastic as they were very rough to the touch and for the low low price of $150 for the pair.

IMAG4751 IMAG4750

Coolest bar ever, even cooler than last years piano bar.


Doll carriage/display.

IMAG4748 IMAG4746

There were hundreds of dealers at the show and if you ever have the chance to go, take it. It will be well worth your time, just remember to bring lots of cash and wear comfy shoes.

Until next time,