Another Suitcase Upcycle

Several weeks ago my parents held a fishing tournament fundraiser to raise money for the Alliance Crisis Pregnancy Center in Alliance Ohio. I was asked to donate something for the Chinese Auction being held during the fundraiser. After racking my brain I decided to decoupage another suitcase, this one being much smaller. Perfect for an overnight suitcase or to hold their favorite toys.

I had found this suitcase at the Springfield Flea Market and Antique Show Extravaganza back in May, the outside was a little beat up but the interior was perfect. So I knew this would be the perfect candidate for decoupage.

I decided to do a Disney themed on the suitcase since Disney appeals to children and adults a like, I looked through the books from my Grandmothers Estate but I didn’t find what I was looking for. So off to Goodwill I went and I found the perfect book for $1.00, it had so many nice pictures of different beloved Disney characters I only needed the one book. I actually cut out more than I needed so I am saving those characters for another project down the road.

Once I had all of the pieces cut out, I had to decided how and where to put them on the suitcase, after many layouts I decided upon doing a “boy” side and a “girl” side of the suitcase. I felt it was more visually appealing and kept the theme better.

Over all I am happy with the results and the best part is one of my nieces won it from the Chinese Auction and has been carrying it around ever since.


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Book Review – The Teachers Funeral

Last week while browsing the Young Adult audio book section I came across the title The Teachers Funeral – A Comedy In Three Parts to listen to with my children in the car while we made our daily trip to my oldest daughter swim lessons. While not thrilled at first the kids put up a fight but soon settled down to listen to the story Russell Culver is telling about the year he was 15 in 1904.

the teachers funeral

The story begins in August of 1904 when Russel¬†finds out that Miss Mert the school teacher has hit the bucket and he hopes that the one room school house will be shut down for good as he plans to go to the Dakota’s to get a job as a large farm crew for the harvest season for a whole $17 a week pay. He isn’t planning on going alone though, his best friend Charlie Parr is planning on coming with him. However his whole plan gets a curve ball when his older sister Tansy gets the job as the new school teacher.

This book is read in first person.

This story is fun and interesting for kids and adults a like.

Written by Richard Peck

Read by Dylan Baker who does a wonderful job.

This book is 4 hours and 42 minutes long in Audio Book form.

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Children’s Book Review: Prancing Dancing Lily

I recently came across a book at my local library in the children’s section of course as I don’t get to wander to other parts of the library very much anymore.

It was your usual Wednesday afternoon right after story. As I browse the hundreds of books to find several to take home and read to my children I see it, nestled among the A section there it was “Prancing Dancing Lily” by Marsha Diane Arnold

PRancing Dancing LIly

Prancing Dancing Lily is about a milk cow named Lily who loved to prance and dance, which is something she did all the time.

She decided being a milk cow isn’t the life for her, so she travels the world looking for a place just for her not to mention all of the new dance mooves (total cow pun there).

Next time you are looking for a cute book to read to your children, be sure to check out Prancing Dancing Lily.

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Coming Soon to a Book Store Near You


Yesterday was a big day in my journey as an author, I was offered a contract for more books from my publisher.

While going through several different stories I have finished trying to decide which manuscript to send first, it is very hard to decide as I love each one and story they tell about Gracie and Honey. Thankfully I don’t have to choose as the director of book acquisitions¬†told me today that I can send in as many as I want at a time, so I probably will send in two for now and two more in a few months.

Now to write my synopsis for each book before sending them down to the production department.

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