History of Jonette Jewelry Co

Jonette Jewelry Co has a rich history and a humble beginning. JJ was first started by a man named Abraham Lisker who was originally trained as a doctor. Deciding that he needed a career change he moved into the jewelry industry in Rhode Island. Then in 1935 he started a costume jewelry business called “Providence Jewelry Company” for only 2 years, when in 1937 his brother Nathan joined the company and the name was changed to Lisker & Lisker.

jj ballerina

Image Source FrivolousIndulgences on Etsy

At one point Abraham decided that novelty figural brooches were the direction he wanted his company to go after seeing the high sales of mother of pearl and ballerina pins.


Image Source Kris’ Vintage Clothing on Etsy

However the company was basically forced to shut down at the beginning of World War II due to government restrictions and the shortage of metals and other materials at that time. During that time Abraham Lisker enlisted in the U.S Army for 2 years and served abroad.  After the war was over Abraham and his brother Nathan made the decision to rename their company from Lisker & Lisker to Jonette Jewelry Co in honor of their parents John and Etta by combining their names together.

JJ hallmark

Image Source GreatVintageStuff on RubyLane

1944 Jonette Jewelry Co was incorporated in the state of Rhode Island. The company used the hallmark JJ on a rectangular cartouche.

In 1972 Abraham retired and his son Gordon took over as the new owner until the company closed in September 1st, 2006.

JJ jewelry has been widely collected over the course of the company’s production. Even though JJ Co is best known for their pin, they also fashioned jewelry, letter openers, photograph frames, watch straps, bracelets, bookmarks, candleholders to name a few


Image Source denise5960 on Etsy


Image Source dollherup on Etsy


Image Source Kris’ Vintage Clothing on Etsy


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